Seized Valve Releasing - 100% Guaranteed or Absolutely No Fee!

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We are the UK's top award-winning market leaders of on-site valve and penstock releasing. Since 2001, has been releasing seized valves and penstocks in-situ on 'live' pipework. Using our unique air-driven equipment, which gradually releases the 'seizure points', we have freed thousands of valves with a success rate in excess of 99.8%.

Our Unique Service - Why Choose

  • The team are the original engineers who designed this advanced valve releasing technology.
  • Every valve is released, overseen and inspected by the actual inventor of the technology and process.
  • We have 14 years of succesful industrial valve and penstock releasing experience.
  • Our process releases valves of any age, size or level of seizure, no matter how great.
  • were the first company to offer a No Free - No Fee promise. We guarantee we will release your valve and restore it to working condition or you won't be charged.
  • All valves and penstocks featured on this site are actual examples of valves freed by our technology. See examples now.

We Can Save You Huge Costs and Potential Losses

We estimate our clients have saved over £100,000,000 by using our services. In many cases, the cost of replacing the valve is insignificant in relation to the cost of a plant shutdown. Many valves seize up due to lack of use, and it is our experience that the older the valve, the better the quality of manufacture so why should you replace it?

Once freed, these valves will give many more years service. Most buried valves require no excavation.

No Free - No Fee

We are so confident in our Valve Freeing Service that we operate on a 'No Free - No Fee' basis.  You will only be invoiced if the valve is successfully released.  The fee quoted is the fee you pay.  If the job takes 7 hours or 7 days, the price remains the same.

Standby Service

More and more of our Clients are taking advantage of our Standby Service during major shutdowns. They have the peace of mind knowing that if there are any valve problems, the experts are on site to provide a rapid solution. - Tried, Tested and Cost Effective

Don't just take our word for it. Over the years, has been so successful and cost-effective, that we have built up a loyal following of return customers. We have over 60 clients in the UK including 12 water companies and two oil refineries. In February, 2012, we successfully released three flow controls in a gas pipeline in Cheshire, saving our Client over £3,000,000!